ELMIRA HEIGHTS, N.Y. — A manufacturer in Elmira Heights is looking for more than 100 new employees.

The reason is twofold.

The new employees will be brought on to finish construction of rail cars for Boston, Massachusetts, but they’ll also help CAF USA get started on another order.

Working with the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority, they’re looking to finish the first 24-car order by next summer.

Starting in October, they'll begin manufacturing cars headed for Maryland. That contract will run through 2021.

The company's plant in Elmira Heights is their only manufacturing facility in the country.

“We get the shells, the body shells painted and assembled, therefore we start the manufacturing activities from the shell on. We install the windows, installation, interior installations, all the finishings,” said Betiri Estornes, CAF USA Operations vice president.

The positions being filled are full-time and cover a variety of positions. They pay around $40,000 a year.

Anyone interested in applying can visit the company's website. Plans are also in the works for a recruiting event.