BINGHAMTON, N.Y. -- Could Governor Cuomo's recent voting pardons allow sex offenders into schools?

It's a concern for State Senator Fred Akshar.

His office has identified at least 15 level two and level three sex offenders who were pardoned in Akshar's district.

All of the victims in these cases were minors, some as young as five-years-old.

It won't be a problem for next week's primaries, but Akshar says because most polling places are in schools throughout the year, student safety could be put at risk.

He's calling on the governor to be more transparent.

"He should in fact be releasing all the names of the felons that he is pardoning so people in the community have an understanding of who in fact may have access to the ballot," said Fred Akshar, (R) Senate – Binghamton.

The American Civil liberties Union issued a statement to us, saying"Restoring voting rights of people on parole is crucial to encouraging civic participation, making our political process more inclusive and ensuring that formerly incarcerated people return to their communities successfully. This is an important step to strengthen our democracy.”

Akshar is also calling on the governor to provide schools with funding for increased security in schools on Election Day.