Generation Vote is a student-run organization that started at Binghamton University.

It educates, connects and mobilizes students on college campuses to get involved in the political process and make their voices heard. 

Right now, there are teams at 6 campuses, but the group hopes to expand to 10 by the end of the year. 

In 2016, Generation Vote broke the student voter turnout record at BU by 44%.

And officials want to continue this progress for future elections.

"We believe it's important for students to vote now," said Brianna Cea, the Generation Vote CEO and co-founder. "Because the policies and decisions being made today, whether it be at city council or on capitol hill are affecting us for the rest of our lives."

There's also a team at the University at Albany that has already registered hundreds of students to vote.

You can find more information about Generation Vote on their website.