ENDICOTT, N.Y. — Lupo's meat plant in Endicott is currently producing between 20,000 and 30,000 pounds of spiedies per week.

Along with their famous marinade and sausage, they're then packed and shipped to grocery stores across the region.

Company President Sam Lupo says recent tax cuts have allowed the business to raise wages and maintain healthcare.

He says maintaining a small business all comes down to building strong employees.

"Our long-term employees see that, they feel it, they've taken ownership, so then when we have new employees come in, they're taking those employees under their arm, and they're saying, 'hey, we're more than just a spiedie company, we're involved in our community," said Sam Lupo, Sam A. Lupo & Sons President.

The plant has been in businesses for more than 60 years and currently has 45 employees.