Following Sunday’s crash that left two state troopers and two truck drivers injured -- proponents of the state's move over law say it is time to strengthen them.

For the staff of T&T Towing, Sunday's accident is just another example of the dangers of their job.

Tom Brennan is the president of Empire State Towing and Recovery Association. He says the crash that injured two state troopers, two tow truck operators and an alleged drunk driver should have been prevented.

Among the charges 26-year-old Christopher Neumann is facing is DWI and vehicular assault. He's also facing a non-criminal violation for not moving over.

Brennan says the fine isn't enough and is asking legislators to do more, because when it comes down to it, he has a simple message to motorists.

"Remember, we have families to go home to too. Slow down. Move over for us," he said.

Brennan says he is constantly working with the DOT and state police to figure out ways to keep everyone safe.