For the second time, a controversial gas compressor has been proposed in Fenton.

NG Advantage is looking to build on West Service Road. The company reapplied for site approval after being turned down by a state Supreme Court judge.

The town's Zoning Board of Appeals heard comments at a public hearing on Tuesday.

Board members reviewed new information to determine if the project is permitted to be in that specific zoning district.

Developers believe it will bring economic growth to the area.

"It will be good for the environment,” said NG Advantage Spokesperson Morgan Hook. “It will create jobs for the community, it will create tax revenue for the community and we believe ultimately it will be good for this community.”

Many residents oppose the compressor saying it will negatively affect their daily lives.

"I am against the location for one,” said Fenton resident Adrienne Irons. “It's too close to schools. It's too close to the community park. It's less than 500 feet from my home. I am convinced I need to move if this facility opens. We don't know a lot about it, it's a new concept.”

The next Town of Fenton Zoning Board of Appeals meeting is February 6.