BINGHAMTON, N.Y. -- The latest death in a Broome County Jail has left family members of the inmate asking questions. And the New York Commission of Corrections has opened an investigation. 

"It's unfortunate that this gentlemen died, but unfortunately, if you knew his medical history, you'd understand why he died," said David Harder, the Broome County sheriff.

Kevin Carroll, 34, was an inmate at the Broome County Jail. According to the Broome County Sheriff's Office, Carroll was ill and had been in and out of the hopsital.

"This last trip, he was in the hospital for three days before he died," said Harder.

His death has raised many questions. An advocate for Together We Stand and spokeperson for the Carrolls say the family has concerns surrounding his death.

"As far as the family knows, as much as I've been told, he did not have any physical or mental illness prior to his death," said Sevgi Fernandez, the Together We Stand founder and president.

Family members say authorities contacted them September 29 saying Kevin was in a coma.

"They needed somebody to come and take a look potentially, he was on life support, they needed to know whether or not they could take him off life support. September 30 -- he passed away. He was taken off life support. It is unclear as to whom gave that order," said Fernandez.

"We tried to notify any family members of his death and if they could be here before he died. He was put on life support and eventually the hospital decided that it was time to take him off," said Harder.

This is the county's second death of a person in police custody in less than two years. In 2015, Salladin Barton died in his cell.

"Over the last five years, over 20,000 people come in and out of here. Like I said, we don't want anybody dying in custody, but it will happen," said Harder.

Salladin's family says he suffered from mental illness and claims he was mistreated prior to his death.

"Our correctional institutions are armed with video cameras, audio cameras, all of the different checks and balances to make sure that people stay safe, correct? But, we have two people here who have essentially died while at the facility or because of something that happened at that facility. That's very concerning," said Fernandez.

That is a concern that the inmates' families are dedicated to addressing.