A Lowe's in Chemung County was briefly shut down over the weekend after violating social distancing rules.

County Executive Chris Moss said Sunday afternoon that he authorized the closure of the Lowe's located at 913 County Route 64 in Big Flats for "continual violations" of Governor Andrew Cuomo's executive order on social distancing.

Moss said the store received multiple warnings, both verbally and written. He was receiving complaints from shoppers, and then witnessed the violations himself.

"Sunday morning I took a ride up there, personally witnessed Lowe's employees with no mask on. Other employees wearing them down around the neck so obviously I don't think they were getting the message or taking it seriously," said Moss.

The county health department asked Lowe's to submit a plan detailing how future compliance with the executive order will be achieved.

The company said they have given all of their employees face masks, and also will limit the amount of customers in the store. But the county executive said this business isn't the only one they're having troubles with.

"We've gotten several complaints on Wal Mart. And they've received verbal complaints, we've sent the Sheriff's office there, they've received a letter as well and if they don't abide by it and we have to take the same measures to get compliance, we will," said Moss.

As for Lowe's, a plan was submitted later Sunday evening and was approved by the health department. The store reopened Monday morning.