DURHAM, N.C. — Chris Rock is coming to town this weekend and tickets are sold out.

What You Need To Know

  • Chris Rock will perform Saturday and Sunday at the Durham Performing Arts Center

  • Another show was added in June due to high demand

  • Raleigh comedian says that comics need to know their audience, but that audiences also must know their comics

The comedian’s performance comes just weeks after he was slapped at the Oscars by actor Will Smith.

Ticket prices have soared for all of Rock's shows since the March 27 awards ceremony in Los Angeles.

Andy Forrester, a long-time comedian from Raleigh, calls the slap “terrible” and says that although there doesn't really need to be change in stand-up comedy, both the comedian and the audience need to be more aware.

“You can't sit there and say that and think somehow he needs to change for you. The audience doesn't need a thicker skin. I think the comic needs to know their audience, but the audience needs to know their comic, they need to know who they'e going to see," Forrester said.

Rock will perform at the Durham Performing Arts Center on Saturday and Sunday night.

Demand for his shows was so high that another has been added in June.