DURHAM, N.C. — Bridge II Sports creates opportunities for kids, adults, and veterans with physical disabilities.

Founder, Ashley Thomas was born with spina bifida. She says she didn't know adapted sports existed until she was in her 40s. Now she wants to make sure everyone has access to adapted sports.

“I did my first 5K in my day chair, and it was a life changer for me because there was a freedom there, and you build communities, and I just kept thinking, 'boy, if I had known this as a kid,'” Thomas says.

One of her long-term goals is to help North Carolina create a collegiate wheelchair basketball team. Right now, the closest team is in Alabama.

"I love it because I think wheelchair basketball is the best out of all the adaptive sports," Bridge II Sports coach Akeem Hassell says. "We are not only builders of athletes, we are builders of character and people to go into the community."

Right now the wheelchair basketball team only practices once a month because of the pandemic. It hopes to get back to a more regular practice schedule in a few months.