NORTH CAROLINA – As the weather continues to change in the south, wearing a mask out, for some, is getting a little more uncomfortable.


What You Need To Know

  • Many in the south are experiencing "mask fatigue."

  • Hotter, more humid weather is causing shortness of breath for some.

  • Doctors recommend having a variety of masks for different situations to help.

 As it gets warmer, and more humid, some say wearing a mask is causing shortness of breath and even anxiety.

Dr. Chris Branner says these effects are known as “mask fatigue.”

“Sometimes the elastic can be too tight or the cloth masks can be too thick making it making it harder to breath so mask fatigue depends on the type of mask you’re wearing and how its set up,” said Dr. Branner.

The doctor suggests investing in a variety of masks for different situations. For example, a thicker mask can still be worn when in public spaces like grocery and hardware stores. But, for situations where you’re not expecting to be around crowds, thinner masks are acceptable and can allow for better air circulation.

It is also important to note that there is no reason to wear a mask in your own car; unless you often share it. Hand washing practices should remain the same though, because germs can remain on objects like your steering wheel.

Another factor impacting the public is that we’re not used to wearing masks. So an adjustment period may acclimate us better.