RALEIGH, N.C. – Some of the forgotten members of our society are at the most risk of infection during the coronavirus scare — the elderly.

With social distance becoming a prominent factor, most elderly residents need help with shopping and other freedoms that have been compromised.

Fran Hamacher, 82, is concerned about her health, which is why she does not want to be isolated for long.

“So much of our independence as a senior citizen has been taken from us. Every time we ask for help, I know we can, that’s a little bit of our independence taken from it,” Hamacher says.

She’s also missing a form of entertainment.

“The other thing that’s bad I’m a huge sports fan, and that’s not available right now. If that were available at least it would be something to make us happy or sad. It’s bad,” Hamacher says.

Some stores are opening for one hour in the morning for senior shoppers.

“I just don’t want to see senior citizens with a blanket on their sofa for the rest of their lives. I want them to buy their groceries,” Hamacher says.