CHAPEL HILL, N.C. — UNC junior Nehemiah Stewart has trouble getting home to Washington, D.C. without a car.

That gave him the idea to create Vector Rideshare, which he rolled out late last year.

The app allows any collegian with a ".edu" email address to carpool for long distances. App users can pick their rides, select a seat, and let drivers know how much luggage space is needed, all at a low price.

"If you need a ride, you can request a ride for any day, next year, tomorrow; you can request it, and the driver can pick it up," Stewart, 20, says.

Drivers must pass a background check and have at least one social media page. Passengers must have one as well. Stewart says safety is a top priority. He also hopes his rides will give students a chance to network and form bonds.

"But what matters more is fostering that relationship. That's what I would love," he says.