SIERRA MADRE, Calif. – Sierra Madre residents are refusing to stay silent in the wake of two mass shootings this past weekend that left 31 people dead.

Words are not everything, but they are enough for Sierra Madre local Lauren Pressman.

"It can happen anywhere and it can happen here," said Pressman. "I think we have to stand together because you never know."

In the week after the Dayton and El Paso mass shootings, Pressman geared up to host a candlelight vigil for the victims.

Her Sierra Madre community was one of almost 50 others that took part in a national call to action. The vigil was a chance for local cities to stand in solidarity with El Paso and Dayton, while speaking out against white supremacy.

“It’s to show the people in charge, congress and the President, that we’re not satisfied," Pressman said. “There is nothing right now more important than coming together.”

Ahead of the vigil, Pressman spoke at length about why it is so important for these local communities to get involved.

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