Light rain patches will continue to pass west to east over the state on Monday evening and Monday night. Skies will remain cloudy leading to a milder setting Monday night. Lows will likely rest in the low to mid-40s. Moisture will continue to flow into the state during this time keeping rain chances high on Tuesday.

A warm front will lift north across the area Tuesday leading to a spike in temperatures. Expect above average highs in the 60s for much of the state. Some locations may reach into the low 70s.



Once the warm front fully passes north, we'll be in prime positions for rain and thunderstorms. Expect scattered light to moderate showers passing through the day and more intense rainfall possible late in the afternoon and evening. The more intense rain will be due to an increased chance of thunderstorms during the evening. 



A cold front will sweep by Tuesday night and by Wednesday morning skies will be clear as the sun returns to the Carolinas. High pressure will build in across the southern U.S. creating a strong westerly wind. Winds will like range between 5 to 15 mph, but some gusts may be as high as 30 mph.

Sunshine will stick around early Thursday for Valentine's Day. Thankfully winds will calm down so expect a bright and mild holiday. Clouds will grow in late in the afternoon and evening Thursday ahead of the return of rainy conditions Friday.