RALEIGH, N.C. – North Carolina State University has put some new parking rules in place for the 20,000 vehicles parked on campus and they say it's more efficient in more ways than one.

  • About 20,000 cars are parked on campus
  • Using a virtual permit system increased efficiency 
  • The university is selling front vanity plates for $5

In July, the university changed its parking permit procedure to a virtual permit system which not only brought them into the 21st century, it also made the school more environmentally friendly.

“We're able to divert about 1,200 pounds of waste from the land fields and it allow us to be more efficient parking,” parking manager Chris Dobek said. “When our cars go through, one thing we do right away is do space counts immediately. We're able to do immediate space counts and adjust our parking surplus.”

In North Carolina, drivers only have to have a back license plate for registration so some people don’t agree with the university's new system.

“I personally think it's kind of weird. I think people should be able to back in,” parker Ashleigh Reed said.

If you want to back into a parking space, it is still possible. You would have to get a plate. The university is selling a front vanity plate for a one-time fee of $5.

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