CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Single women in the Queen City dreading questions from family members may now have the perfect solution.

  • Joseph says to "slide into those DMs" for a Thanksgiving date
  • He hasn't accepted any offers yet
  • He says he is also willing to travel

A Charlotte man's Facebook post is now going viral, after offering himself to help avoid awkward questions. With three options on the table, Richard Joseph says he can help any girl in need.

The best deal of them all, for just $350 plus a plate of food and a to-go plate, Joseph says he'll give you a day you and your family will never forget. He says he originally posted it on Facebook just to be funny, but since then his phone has been flooded with interested people ready to shell out cash to come to their Thanksgiving dinners at home.

“I mean, if the right person contacted me I’d be down. Like I said, I need a place to go for Thanksgiving dinner. If there’s a right girl out there and you kind of want to shut your parents up then, I’d be happy to do so," the bachelor said.

So far, Joseph says he hasn't accepted any offers. He even said he's willing to travel.