CHAPEL HILL, N.C. – DHIC builders have finished the first phase of Greenfield Place on land donated by the city.

  • Nearly 150 apartments will be available for moderate-income families
  • It's a $13 million project
  • Rent starts at $271 for a one-bedroom apartment 

It’s a $13 million project that will eventually have 149 apartments near highway 15-501, which is a critical locations for moderate-income families.

“This location is incredible. It's on two different bus lines. It's in walking distance of shopping and job and other services people need,” Natalie Britt, vice president of DHIC said.

A lot of people say it's not cheap to live in Chapel Hill, but for 100 or so people it's become a little easier.

“I've heard that story often,” Chapel Hill Mayor Pam Hemminger said. “I've been here 31 years, so I completely understand.”

“So, the rent range $271 for a one bedroom up to $870 for the most expensive three bedroom. In a town like Chapel Hill, that is low,” Britt said.

By comparison, the average rent in Chapel Hill ranges from $1,000 for a one bedroom to more than $1,700 for a three-bedroom apartment.

City leaders are pleased that people of all backgrounds and family sizes are calling each other neighbors in apartments that they can afford to live.

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