MOORE COUNTY — Flying drones can be fun for Moore County deputies, but on the job, they’re used as a tool to save lives.

  • Moore Co. Sheriff's Office drone program started a year ago
  • In April, deputies used drone to find 79-year-old missing man
  • One drone can do job of about 40 deputies 

The drone program at the Moore County Sheriff’s Office started about a year ago, and just this year alone, they’ve already used them to find two missing people.

In April, deputies used a drone to successfully find a 79-year-old missing man who reportedly has dementia and Alzheimer’s.

The drone’s flare unit was able to sense the man’s body heat and deputies could spot his outline on their screen.

"With this new technology, we're able to expedite the outcome to help these victims,” said Detective Sgt. Hannah Bethune-Mauldin. “Had we not had drones, we probably wouldn't have found that man so quickly. It could have been a negative outcome. I'm so glad we have these resources."

The Moore County Sheriff’s Office says one drone can do the job of about 40 deputies during a search effort.