CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- The Briar Chapel Community Association says they believe the high water levels in the community development is because of the 20 to 35 beavers and their dams on Pokeberry Creek.

  • Water rising where beavers live; could cause bridges to be knocked out
  • Beavers considered nuisance
  • Legal to kill beavers and illegal to relocate in North Carolina
  • Residents upset with decision to kill them; reasons for residents living there is because of wildlife

The U.S. Department of Agriculture evaluated the site and told the association that the lethal option was the best option, but it's causing backlash from the neighborhood.

The association says the water has been progressively rising, and now it's at a point where it's about a foot below the top of the deck. They worry in a storm event the water would rise to where it would knock the bridges out.

They say they've been in place for about 10 years.

The association did explore trying to relocate the beavers but it's illegal in the state of North Carolina and they're deemed a nuisance animal.

While the Briar Chapel Community Association says they have a fiduciary obligation to protect the community's assets and property, some who live there say they moved there to live in a green development and it's just wrong to kill them.

“It’s very upsetting, very upsetting. We all chose to live here because of the natural environment and we have a beautiful natural environment but to get rid of these animals seems sacrosanct,” said Pam Schaecher, a Briar Chapel resident.

The NC Wildlife Commission says it is legal for them to kill beavers. The HOA says they'll use a trap to kill them.

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