RALEIGH -- Carolers spent their Christmas morning spreading cheer at Central Prison in Raleigh.  

For more than two decades, the Fr. Charlie Mulholland Catholic Worker House gathers people to sing at the prison. 

Because the carolers aren't allowed on prison grounds, those wishing to spread holiday cheer have to climb a bank to an area that echoes around the prison.

Organizers say inmates are not allowed visitors on the holiday, and they want to make sure they feel the Christmas spirit.  

Those who show up year after year say their faith compels them to participate.

"You only love God as much as much as the person we love the least so the least of these is who we have to love the most, right? Equivalent to God, so I think that's what our call is," said organizer Patrick O'Neill. 

Only six people attended the first event held 21 years ago.

Organizers say they are happy to the group has now become a tradition for so many.