NORTH CAROLINA -- In the spirit of Halloween, we've rounded up places where people say they've experienced ghoulish encounters.

From the mountains to the coast, here are 10 locations in the Tar Heel State which are allegedly haunted: 


Biltmore Estate (Asheville, N.C.)

The Biltmore Estate, the largest privately-owned home in the United States, was build by Vanderbilt heir, George Washington Vanderbilt. Many believe that the founders of Biltmore Estate haunt the home. Many have reported seeing a “shadowy figure” in the Estate’s library, believed to be George, and others have reported his wife, Edith, whispering “George” through the halls . Workers and visitors to Biltmore have heard sounds of clinking glasses, laughter, music, and splashes from a swimming pool that is now empty.


Lydia’s Bridge (Jamestown, N.C)

People traveling between Jamestown and Greensboro on U.S. Highway 70-A said they’ve encountered the ghost of Lydia, a hitchhiker. If she is picked up, she gets into the car and vanishes before she reaches the requested destination. Various versions of the Lydia legend have been passed along over the years, and there are apparently eleven different versions of the story that are set in North Carolina. It is common for folks to go ghost hunting for Lydia near the bridge. In the book, Looking for Lydia, historians Michael Renegar and Amy Greer cite the 1923 death of Annie C. Johnson as the real life "Lydia," who died after a car flipped in 1920. 


Queens University (Charlotte, N.C)

Queens University, located in Myers Park in Charlotte, is said to have multiple haunted locations on campus. Students said they have experienced paranormal activity in multiple buildings, including happenings like doors opening and closing by themselves and knocking sounds.


Rí Rá Irish Pub  (Charlotte, N.C.)

The building in which Rí Rá is located is the second-oldest original building in uptown Charlotte. Rí Rá’s opened there in 1997. A red brick was found one night after an alarm system went off, and there were no signs of anyone entering the building to place it there. Ghost stories include a young girl practicing her ABCs above the host stand, beer taps turning on by themselves, and sewing machine sounds in the basement.


The Carolina Inn (Chapel Hill, N.C.)

Named one the Top 10 Haunted Hotels in America, at UNC’s The Carolina Inn, you can rent the room through the hotel’s Boo! Package, and spend a night with the room’s ghost, Dr. William Jacocks. The hotel says the room used to be the doctor’s permanent residence and that he is a “friendly spirit” that likes to play practical jokes. Staff and guests that have stayed in the room have witnessed an aroma of flowers and a loud ‘whizzing’ noise, among other things. They’ve also seen a “finely-attired, portly” man walking the halls, seeking an unlocked door. If a guest opens the door, he gets scared and runs away.


The New Hanover County Library (Wilmington, N.C.)

A haunted spot cited in Wilmington is the New Hanover County Library, which is said to be haunted by the ghost of a woman believed to be a patron. Her apparition has been seen over the years, as well as people hearing footsteps, books moving and another ghost, who people believe was a man killed in a duel. His home stood on the current site of the library.


North Carolina State Capitol (Raleigh, N.C.)

Legend has it that “former inhabitants” of the building still remain. A former night watchman heard noises, which included screaming, doors slamming and books hitting the floor in the third-story library, breaking glass, keys jingling, and the sound of footsteps. The same watchman also said the manually-operated elevator went up and down by itself. A building curator also said that he heard sounds from the committee room off the Senate chamber, and when he went to go look, saw an apparition which dissolved.


Fort Fisher (Wilmington, N.C.)

Several legends have been talked about over the years surrounding the former Civil War fort, including the ghost of General W.H.C. Whitting, who sits atop the fort’s parapet, watching over. Another, referred to as a sentinel or “watcher in the woods” has been spotted as well, and other things have happened like doors opening without reason. A paranormal research time from Carthage, N.C. conducted an investigation at Fort Fisher, which captured images of several oddities, including one which could be the sentinel.


The Devil’s Tramping Ground (Bear Creek N.C.)

The ground is a circle area trapped between grass in Chatham County. According to legend, anything placed within the spot is thrown outside of it the next day so that the devil “has room to dance.” People have said they’ve seen red glowing eyes in the circle. A journalist also spent the night in a tent inside the circle a few years back and heard ghostly footsteps going around the tent.


Dana Auditorium (Greensboro, N.C.)

This auditorium on the campus of Guilford College was built in 1961. The spot where it stands can be traced back to the Battle of Guilford Courthouse during the Revolutionary War. During the war, the area was used as a field hospital and many say that a fallen solider haunts the space. There have also been reports of a little girl being spotted in the Choir Room, as well as a man in a brown suit in the halls.

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