GREENSBORO, N.C. — Wedding season is back, and it's busier than it's been in decades.

Weddings always have a bit of organized chaos. “It is chaotic, but it’s so worth it because I know a lot of brides have had to wait, so it’s worth it,” Floral Designer Christy Keener said.


        What You Need To Know

  • Wedding numbers dipped substantially because of COVID-19
  • This year, they're expected to bounce back and boom 
  • Projections show this year will have the most weddings since 1984


The big day starts at Ever Be Floral in Greensboro. Keener hasn’t been working there too long, but she loves being a part of each wedding.

“It’s really incredible, that’s like the best day of her life, so that’s really great to be a part of it,” Keener said. “The emotions, I feel her emotions, I kind of get a little teared up. But it’s always the same with every bride.”

Chelsea Comeau co-owns the shop. She opened it a few years ago after she dabbled in event management as a hobby while attending Oklahoma State University.

“We opened in 2018, January of 2018,” she said. “We started in a really small studio space, and then we moved to a different studio space, and we moved here in October of 2020.”

They were just in time for spring wedding season in 2021, but the huge rush didn't come until this year in 2022. One wedding company says about 20% of people rescheduled their weddings from 2021 to 2022 because of COVID-19.

“The flood gates opened and everyone was rushing to get married,” Comeau said. “People who had been rescheduled for three or four or five times.”

One market research company called The Wedding Report shows that 2022 is expected to have the highest number of weddings since 1984. Projections have it at nearly 2.5 million weddings this year.

“We’re feeling it, there’s a lot that we’re doing,” Comeau said. “Even this weekend alone is the biggest weekend we’ve ever had as a company, and most of the time the fall usually takes that cake.”

With the country opening up after COVID-19, it’s been hectic.

“It’s been a lot, it’s been busy,” Ever Be Floral Designer Emily Ferguson said. “But the best way to learn is through experience, so I’m honestly really grateful we’ve had a ton of different events.”

Seeing a face light up when they see the floral arrangement makes it worth it every single time.