ROCKINGHAM COUNTY, N.C. — You've got mail! From Santa?


What You Need To Know

Jetty Goin has been delivering mail since 1998

Goin lost her father and had a massive heart attack three years ago right around Christmas; she decided to get in the holiday spirit so she wouldn't feel down

She wears Christmas sweaters the first two weeks of December and costumes the last two weeks


Jetty Goin has been delivering mail for over 20 years, but for the past three years she's made sure to deliver all the Christmas cards dressed up, sometimes as characters and always in the holiday spirit.

“I had a lady that said that her daughter called and said I just had an elf to deliver my packages, and now it was a Christmas tree today,” Goin said.

“The last two weeks I wear costumes, and this year I decided the first two weeks to do shirts or sweaters,” Goin said.

The meaning behind these costumes is much larger than the endless amounts of deliveries she makes during the holidays.

“Just a couple years ago, a lot had happened. My dad had happened, and I just needed to be in the spirit. I had a heart attack and two months later my dad died. It was Christmastime and he died about three months before Christmas, so I decided I wanted to be festive and not let stuff keep me down,” Goin explained.

And festive she is.

Goin also makes sure to sing along to the carols coming from her radio while jingling her jingle bell bracelet to let all the customers know she's near. Some of her customers on her route even have fur.

“I have cats. They will hear my car coming like a few mailboxes away and I have to turn to get down their street, but they’ll come on the main street cause they hear me coming,” Goin said.

After driving 59 miles and visiting over 600 homes in one day, she still has one more stop on her list, the mall.

“I’m going shopping. I’m going Christmas shopping. I’ve got to finish,” Goin said.

But after that, she'll be back in character tomorrow for another full day of deliveries.