FORSYTH COUNTY, N.C. — By next spring, construction will be underway on the fourth largest park in Forsyth County.


What You Need to Know 

Belews Lake is getting a 216 acre park 

Forsyth County expects the first phase of the project to begin no later than next spring 

Belews Lake Park will have fishing docks, a boat launch for kayaks, a nature center, picnic shelters and plenty of paths and park trails 


Belews Lake Park will be right at 216 acres and located off Belews Creek Road and Craig Road.

It will have fishing docks, a nature center, a boat launch for kayaks, picnic shelters and plenty of paths and park trails.

While some are skeptical about such a large park in such a rural area, Hillbilly Hide-A-Way is looking at this change as an opportunity.

Since 1978, Hillbilly Hide-A-Way restaurant has been living up to its name, tucked away off Belews Lake, and owner, Rosanna Jarvis, is ready for that to change.

"I'm just thrilled to have the opportunity to have something that large. That will bring people from everywhere to spend the day and possibly eat with us and enjoy their day," Jarvis said.

People will be able to work up an appetite while fishing, kayaking, walking on new trails and visiting a nature center, all stretched across 216 acres.

“I believe it's going to be a positive additive in the community that everybody can take part of, especially these days with the COVID virus and people doing more outdoor activities,” Jarvis said.

Nearly $2.5 million has been set aside for the first phase of the project.

Leaders expect to begin by next spring, which is the perfect time for Jarvis' business.

"You know, in the summertime I have a pretty steady and booming business. ... People [come] from all over, Winston, Greensboro, Raleigh-Durham, you name it, but my hopes with the park is that it will be more year-round," Jarvis said.

Hillbilly Hide-A-Way is a short five minute drive away from where the park entrance will be located.

"It'll be something that people can get to fairly quickly after spending the day at the park, they'll be tired and ready to eat," Jarvis said.

While some neighbors are not on board with the park in this area, Jarvis said, "I think some folks may be negative because of the extra traffic and extra folks in the area."

She sees this as an opportunity to grow.

“I may be willing to open more often for possibly our breakfast meal with the park being just a few miles away and lots of people getting out early," Jarvis said. 

The future is now looking much more in focus for Hillbilly Hide-A-Way.