GREENSBORO, N.C. — Walking into Terence Walker's new exhibit, SOULiloquies: Stories Of Underground Legends, you might not know everyone hanging on the wall. However, that's the point.

The art exhibit at the Center For Visual Arts runs until March 5, and highlights legends, both famous and unknown.

That's the goal, Walker says, as he included people like Nelson Mandela and his own family. He wants people to walk away thinking about their own circles and who makes an impact.

“Look at their janitor and realize he’s a hero as well because he is keeping this place clean," Walker explains. "Think about your grandmother as a hero because she has contributed to history really heavy.”

Local artists like Tyamica Mabry contributed their art, both visual and written. Mabry painted North Carolina's Poet Laureate Jaki Shelton Green. She's the first African American and third woman to hold the position.

“I love painting people that I know, and giving them their flowers while they can still smell them. I did a whole exhibit on faces of local poets and singers before. So, I really enjoyed painting people I know as opposed to famous people," she says.

Walker says he's thankful so many artists wanted to be a part of the exhibit and believes their work will inspire a new generation of storytellers.

“I hope they walk away with thinking about people within their community who are legends, whose story they can capture, who they can really immortalize through art, because that’s essentially what’s happening here," he elaborated.