DAVIE COUNTY, N.C. — Davie County Schools vaccinated close to 300 staff members Wednesday.

It was one of the first counties and school districts in the state to do so. 

The district's superintendent, Jeff Wallace, says the safety of his students and staff is his number one priority since it has been in a hybrid model since August. 

The district worked with the health department to organize a drive-thru clinic. Superintendent Wallace says it was a humbling event. 

“I wasn’t expecting to have the feelings that I had, but it was almost like now, I can begin to feel good. We’ve made it to this point. I had one staff member say to me, ‘If I could give you a hug I would.’ Just the appreciation they’re expressing is humbling and makes me feel good and thankful for that," Wallace says. 

English teacher Michelle Shue says that while they are following CDC guidelines, another layer of security made her feel more comfortable with in-person learning. 

“I believe that here we are with this clear message from our superintendent that you guys matter to us, we want to take this extra step to protect you, go to these lengths to talk with the health department, get this set up and show you we do value you," Shue says. 

Spectrum News 1 reached out to school districts across the state. As of Wednesday afternoon, the only districts that confirmed early vaccinations for teachers included Union, Jackson, and Rutherford County.