NORTH CAROLINA -- As the nation inches closer to 2.9 million coronavirus cases, people are experiencing more of a trickle down effect of the pandemic.

In particular, the coronavirus is impacting our money, right down to the penny.

The Federal Reserve says the circulation of physical coinage has slowed since the spread of the virus and the U.S. mint has lowered production.

The means supply is low and it's impacting local businesses.

According to Deede Hill, the owner of Lake View Farms, the bank limited the number of coins her business can get.

"If we can't make change, we have to go to card only and be a cashless society. Not everyone has a credit or a debit card," she says.

The Chairman of the Federal Reserve told congress it's working with coin manufacturers and reserve banks to increase inventory.

Until then, the Fed began rationing its coin supply starting in the middle of last month.