GREENSBORO, N.C. – Protests over justice, police brutality, and racial inequality continue across much of the U.S.

After weeks of protesting, some are trying to figure out the next steps and how to move forward.

Leaders of the group Greensboro Rising submitted a list of nine demands to Greensboro City Council.

It includes defunding the police, treating trans and other LGBTQ people with dignity, and ending arrests for marijuana.

It also asks that police get signed permission before searching someone without a warrant.

Activists believe change needs to start at the local level before the country can tackle national reform.

"We're not looking for a moment," J. Andrew Speas says. "We're looking for something that lasts, something that goes over generations, something that makes sense."

Spectrum News reached out to several Greensboro city leaders for a comment.

Councilwoman at Large Marikay Abuzuaiter responded that some of the demands would require changing state law, like ending marijuana arrests and granting more power to the police community review board.