ALAMANCE COUNTY, N.C. -- Not much has changed over at Reverence Farms since the virus hit. Owner and farmer Suzanne Karreman said you might notice meat shortages in some big-box stores and grocery chains, but that's not happening there.

Karreman said a farm like theirs is more sustainable. They are in the “sunlight capturing” business, growing food on hundreds of acres of land to feed the animals.

Karreman hopes for more sustainability in the future of the food supply chain.

"We're either building something, or we're destroying something. There is no staying the same,” Karreman explained. “So the only agriculture that's going to feed us in a year, two years, five years from now... is a regenerative agriculture. We have to actually be building soil. We need to be making health."

The way you can help that goal from home is to purchase food grown in your community, or grow food yourself.