GREENSBORO, N.C.-- While coronavirus cancels classes and graduations for students, UNC-Greensboro is making sure its students' work doesn't go to waste.

Graduate student Makayla Ferrick spent months crafting her thesis project-- a 25-minute dance piece entitled 'Threshold'. Just days before her public viewing, it was cancelled due to coronavirus.

This is just one of many students whose plans were changed by the pandemic. So UNCG created an online hub for their projects to live and be admired by many. "Art at a Social Distance" holds different music, theater, film, and photography projects. All pieces were done by students, staff and alumni. It even features work from Grammy award winning musician Rhiannon Giddens.

Ferrick reflects, "this has given me another lens as a choreographer. It's kind of nice to be able to see my work on a screen as well."

The site is open to the public. Dean Bruce McClung hopes it will inspire those at home.

He says, "while we're all sheltering at home, we can still enjoy art at a social distance."

While the pandemic canceled Ferrick's debut, she hopes to get the chance to bring 'Threshold' back to the stage.

"Someday I'll be able to share on a live format, with a live audience to get that perspective, because that's the way it was created. That's what it was created for," says Ferrick.

To watch 'Threshing' and check out the rest of Art at a Social Distance, click here.

All UNCG students, alumni, staff, and faculty can submit work or words of encouragement to be featured on the page.