COASTAL, N.C. – One of the most famous horses along North Carolina’s Outer Banks, Amadeo, also known as “King of the Beach,” died over the weekend leaving workers "overwhelmingliy devastated," according to Corolla Wild Horse Fund.

The fund says on Facebook that Amadeo started to become stiff in his rear legs and hips which began to slow him down while having pain and arthritis. They say the 40-year-old horse “quickly and peacefully” died after collapsing on Friday night. He didn’t die alone as he was around staff members and other animal friends.

He was buried in his pasture Saturday and his legacy will go down in history after spending more than 20 years in the wild and leaving behind several offspring, the staff says.

“Amadeo was the king of the beach, and the heart and soul of CWHF. His legacy will go down in history,” the fund posted on Facebook. “He touched so many lives as an outreach ambassador. Amadeo was one of the kindest, smartest, toughest horses any of us ever knew. He loved children and was endlessly gentle and patient with them, and despite his blindness he trusted those of us who cared for him implicitly. Being a part of his life was an honor that we will always cherish.”

Many people commented on the post with pictures of Amadeo or one of his many offspring.