WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. -- Crews could open up the entire Business 40 project by April, if the weather stays dry.

However, even after the road reopens, crews will still have some work to do that could require lane closures.

The incentive package for the project allows the lead contractor to hire additional crews to speed up the progress.

Greta Lint with the NCDOT says weather always plays a large part in construction timelines.

"This year, we've had perfect weather, and so that has been really been able to give the contractor the opportunity to move at record pace, to hire additional crews, and to get the road open sooner," says Lint. "We do anticipate, if the weather stays good, it will open before April."

When the highway reopens it will no longer be Business 40 but rather renamed U.S. 421/Salem Parkway.