GREENSBORO, N.C.-- The City of Greensboro is working towards a cleaner environment. It's a new era of transit technology in Greensboro, as the city unveiled its first all-electric rechargeable bus.

  • The first two of City of Greensboro's new all-electric buses started routes Thursday.
  • This bus eliminates the need for diesel fuel and is much quieter.
  • It is zero emissions, just a little bit of water.

The first two all-electric buses started routes Thursday, and three more just like it will roll out in the next week.

"We have five more that will be on their way and on the streets by the end of February, bringing our total to 10,” said Adam Fischer, Director of Transportation for the City of Greensboro. “We're also looking to place an order of another three to six electric buses that should be here by the end of the year, bringing our total to 13 to 16 electric buses, or almost 30 percent of our entire fleet."

These environmentally friendly, 40-foot buses are powered by under-floor batteries. Those batteries can provide up to 200 miles of transportation before needing a recharge.

"It takes about six to eight hours to charge it overnight,” Fischer explained.

There is also a quick-charge station that can charge the bus in eight minutes.

“Also we have USB ports for all of your electronic devices,” Fischer said.

This bus eliminates the need for diesel fuel and is much quieter. It is zero emissions, just a little bit of water. The city said it is a bus that riders can feel good about taking.

“Just by getting on the bus, you're getting out of your single-occupant vehicle,” Fischer said.

Neighbors who ride the bus every day said they are proud the city is taking the initiative towards a cleaner environment.

"Yes! It's really good for the transportation environment. It's helping people get back and forth to work,” said bus rider Sherrell Bynum.

"It's 2019! I mean, technology is just in a new realm of discovery. Just to see the additions they've made on the new electric bus, I'm very excited,” said bus rider John Lionetti.

This is the first all-electric bus put into transit service in the entire state. The city said it received federal funding for the bus, along with some grants. The initial cost of these buses are more than a regular bus, but the for the long-term cost, the city is saving on gas, maintenance and operations. The city said it could save $350,000 per bus, over the life cycle of the bus.

The city said it will take the cost savings from the electric buses and expand service, eventually replacing the entire fleet.

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