BURLINGOTN, N.C. -- The Alamance-Burlington school system is partnering with police to keep children safe at the bus stop.

  • The Alamance-Burlington School System is teaming up with police for bus stop safety.
  • They say it's due to local complaints and a nationwide increase in accidents.
  • Police are increasing patrols during pick up and drop-off times. 

Burlington Police say a recent increase in complaints locally and accidents nationwide encouraged them to get ahead of the issue and start the campaign to raise awareness and protect children at the bus stop.

Police want to stress that if you see a stopped school bus with the arm extended, it's important that you stop and absolutely do not pass the bus.

There is only one instance when you don't have to stop -- when you're on a divided highway, and the bus is on the other side of the highway.

As far as the school system's efforts, officials say they've tried their best to schedule drop-offs on the same side of the road, instead of having children cross in front of the bus.

If you do pass a stopped school bus, there are serious consequences.

"Please leave early, obey the speed laws, you know the consequences are dire if you pass a stopped school bus and a child was to come out in front of it. I don't think anyone would want to you know experience something like that espcially as a parent. Just you know go a different route if you know a bus typically travels that road, pick an alternate route or leave earlier. Just please stop if you see the lights on and arm extended,” said Sgt. David Turner with the Burlington Police Department’s traffic division.

Burlington police are increasing patrols during pick up and drop-off times in order to fully enforce these laws.