WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. -- Crews from the North Carolina Department of Transportation are working through the pouring rain on the 4th Street Bridge.

  • Workers are placing beams on the bridge
  • Snow and rain hasn't delayed construction overall
  • The bridge will open in January

They are placing 17 100-foot beams on the bridge so construction on the project can continue.

"We've had a lot of comments on our Facebook page about how pleased people are that the 4th Street is going to open because this is a cut-through between West 1st Street over to Peters Creek Parkway," NCDOT spokesperson Greta Lint said.

Lint also says the recent weather hasn't delayed construction overall, but it did cause a malfunction that impacted the operation Friday night.

"Had it started thundering and lightning, we would have stopped because that would be a safety concern for the workers. Fortunately, it didn't. But we did have some crane problems. So, we were only able to install one of the beams last night," she said.

The 4th Street Bridge will open in January.

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