WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. -- The Forsyth Humane Society held an adoption "special" on Friday and Saturday where they offered 90% off cats and dogs.

Dogs were $15 and cats $10. 

The special was part of the shelter's goal to save more animals. 

"The save rate of cats and dogs in shelters in Forsyth County in 2017 was 36 percent. Forsyth Humane Society has taken a big goal to get that 36 percent save rate up to 90 percent by the year 2023," Forsyth Humane Society Executive Director Sarah Williamson said. 

The shelter adopted out 115 animals as of mid-day Saturday breaking its record of 23 animals. 

Williamson said the goal came with challenges and a pay off. 

"There are more cats and dogs in Forsyth County than there are shelter space, rescue space, or homes for. That 90 percent measure means that every loving, adoptable, treatable, or healthy dog and cat in Forsyth County will go to its forever home," she said. 

Williamson said the adoption special was made possible due to the donations of owners of two dogs previously adopted out.