WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. -- The first winter weather event of the season is approaching the Triad and crews say they are ready.

  • Flurries were spotted Wednesday
  • Transportation workers say they are ready for the storm
  • Construction could be delayed

Transportation department workers have prepared equipment and material all week long. The amount of construction and blocked streets around the area is adding some more items to their preparation checklist.

"Making sure that we know those places that are blocked or actually have street plates that are in place. So, in the event that we actually have to start engaging our blades, that we don't actually lift those steel plates up as we scrape the roads," Randy Britton said. He works for the City of Winston-Salem.



When it comes to construction on Business 40, a North Carolina Department of Transportation employee doubts the weather will impact work.

"We would stop construction this weekend should the temperature this weekend get under 35 degrees because we cannot pour concrete. If it is icy then that is a safety issue and all work will stop. If it is snow, then demolition will continue," Greta Lint said.

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If there is a delay, they're prepared.

"When the contract is let, the contractor knows that there is going to be a portion of the year that they cannot work because of weather, and so that is factored into the contract itself," Lint said.

As the weekend and weather approaches, Britton says they'll continue to get ready.

"The biggest thing that we can do right now is just continue to look at the weather forecast, and then go into our normal standard operating procedures when we're two to three days out," Britton said.