HIGH POINT, N.C. -- Neighbors in High Point say they're living in a war zone after multiple shootings Thursday morning.

  • Residents say they need more police in the area
  • Police say the shootings are gang related
  • One victim's mother canceled a vigil for safety reasons

"I'm a little disappointed and ashamed of how these people are doing all this shooting," resident Marvin Johnson said.

Meanwhile, city leaders say it's unacceptable.

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"To have the level of violence that we've had in the last few days is very disheartening," mayor of High Point Jay Wagner said.

High Point police officers are investigating four shootings that happened in nearby areas.

The first one was a homicide on Franklin Avenue. Following that was the second shooting on Bridges Drive. The third was on Denny Street and the fourth was on Fairview Street where a 15 year old was hit in the foot.

Police say some of the shootings are gang related.

"Apparently, we have a bit of a turf battle going on right now," the mayor said. 

Wanda Quick lives on Franklin Street which is a couple houses from where the body of Brenda Herbin was found. She and other neighbors put out balloons to show their respects.

"She was a good person, she didn't deserve to go out like this," Quick said.

High Point resident Marvin Johnson says the police needs to increase their presence.

"This area needs to be monitored and constantly patrolled by our law enforcement officers," Johnson said.

However, Mayor Wagner says he needs the communities help.

"There are people right now in this area who know who is committing this violence and we need those people to stand up and be a hero," he said.

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