NORTH CAROLINA -- Several local cities ranked high on Wallethub's list of the 100 Best Cities to Drive.

The website compared a sample of the 100 most populated U.S. cities across four key dimensions:

  1. Cost of Ownership & Maintenance
  2. Traffic & Infrastructure 
  3. Safety
  4. Access to Vehicles & Maintenance

Raleigh took the top spot on the list, while Greensboro, Winston-Salem and Durham came at four, six and seven on the top 10.

Charlotte came in slightly lower on the list at 19.


Source: WalletHub




Additionally, the study named Greensboro as number one in the nation for lowest annual hours spent in congestion per auto commuter. Greensboro and Winston-Salem are second and third for lowest parking rates in the nation, while Winston-Salem was named fourth worst in the nation for highest auto maintenance costs. 

View the full study here. 


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