ASHEBORO, N.C. -- Randolph County is working to turn its oldest building into a historic landmark.

  • Asheboro Female Academy opened in 1839
  • Randolph County working to make it a historic landmark
  • Was sold for private use in 2014 so it could be restored 

The Asheboro Female Academy on the corner of Walker Avenue was the first school for girls in Asheboro originally opened in 1839.

“These private academies served a bridge between the time that there was no formal education and there was a critical mass for the public schools,” said Ross Holt with the Randolph County Public Library.

It was one of the first schools for girls in the region. “It also provided a more progressive education for girls than is often the case in these private academy schools,” said Holt. Leaders believe it’s time that the academy becomes a Randolph County historic landmark.

“It’s very important to protect this oldest piece of history and make sure it gets to the future,” said Mac Whatley, chairman of Randolph County Historic Landmark Preservation.

The building was used as a school until the 19th Century and sold for private use until environmental development organization Trees NC rescued the building so it could be restored in 2014.

In order for the academy to become a landmark, it must meet certain criteria.

Once the academy becomes an historic landmark leaders say it will become a tourists attraction and a learning site for students.

“We hope to bring school groups in to use it for its original purpose as a school house,” said Holt. Whatley added, “I think that kind of tactile of history, the actual get your hands dirty and touch it is a very important thing for a student.”

The recommendation will be passed to the Asheboro City Council in July for final approval.