WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. -- Salem College's president is speaking out about the school's mounting debt.

  • The college owes about $26 million.
  • It has been put on probation.
  • The college has to show the debt has been eliminated before being taken off probation. 

It owes around $26 million and was put on probation by the accrediting association.

President Sandra Doran says the college is aggressively working to reduce its debt but students won't see an increase in tuition.

"Our goal is to enhance the student experience. Everything we do from this day forward is going to be focused on that student experience and what we as a college need to do is to be make sure that every student that is here gets that experience,” said Doran.

Part of the debt came from a new student center that was built in 2014 for close to $7 million. The accrediting association says the college is still in good standing.

It will have to show it's eliminated the debt before being taken off probation.

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