WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. -- Wilderness medicine professionals were teaching Wake Forest School of Medicine students.

  • Students learned how to treat outdoor injuries at Bailey Park
  • Emergency room doctors see more outdoor injuries in the spring
  • Students used ropes, sleeping bags and other materials to treat injuries

Bailey Park in Winston-Salem had ropes, paddles, sleeping bags and other camping and hiking gear spread out.

The point is to teach students to think outside of the traditional methods when treating outdoor emergencies.

"We don't typically go out into the woods with big backboards and stretchers and things that we see in the regular EMS agencies so you have to make due with what you have," said Dr. Henderson McGinnis, Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center’s emergency medicine associate professor. "So a lot of times you'll have rope. You'll have branches. You'll have paddles. You'll have sleeping bags and pads and things like that." 

ER doctors say they see an increase in outdoor related injuries this time of year.

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