RALEIGH -- The North Carolina General Assembly is officially on hiatus for the next three months, as long as the courts or a veto by Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper doesn't force them back.

The House and Senate adjourned Tuesday with both chambers approving a resolution they won't return to Raleigh for votes again until May 16.

Lawmakers left behind on Cooper's desk one bill - a wide-ranging proposal that creates a solution for school districts and new class-size limits next fall. But it also includes items involving the state elections and ethics board and a proposed natural gas pipeline many Democrats aren't happy about.

The House voted 104-12 on Tuesday for the class size proposal negotiated between Senate and House Republicans. The Senate already approved the compromise measure late last week. 

It's unclear whether the Democratic Gov. Cooper will veto the bill or make it law. Several House Democrats criticized the measure because it included the unrelated pipeline and elections board provisions and suggested changes to the board could scuttle the entire bill.

A court also could rule elections board changes don't comply with a state Supreme Court opinion, forcing lawmakers to return.

The General Assembly adjourned without addressing competing House and Senate measures involving the chemical called GenX.  

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