EAST BEND, N.C. – City officials in East Bend hope that by adding a new water system the town will grow and attract more businesses and investors.

Mayor Archie Hicks says the town was limited on how much water could be pumped before receiving grants and a permanent fix to the town water contamination issue across several areas.

People were having to drink out of water bottles and the county had to shut down its well-based water systems because they exceeded the Environmental Protection Agency’s level of radium contamination. The town’s water supervisor, Gavin Brannon, says the levels were not to the point where it would have not have an impact.

“The limits were not to where it would hurt anyone, but they were getting to the spectrum that they could,” Brannon said.

There was an attempt to correct the issue and bring it up to code beforehand, but those plans fell through and officials decided to shut the systems down altogether and look for grants to help them.

They were able to secure a $4.175 million interest loan from the Drinking Water State Revolving Fund and a $300,000 grant from the Appalachian Regional Commission.  

Although the town is located in Yadkin County, it is now under Forsyth County's water system.

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