EAST BEND, N.C. -- Yadkin County Schools' Superintendent, Todd Martin, closed East Bend Elementary School for Wednesday and Thursday after half of its students were out sick.

Monday the principal says more than 90 students did not come to school because they were sick. Tuesday, more than 120 students were out for either flu, strep throat, or stomach virus.

Martin said he initially only wanted to close one day, but the Yadkin County Department of Health and Human Services convinced him to make it two. 

"Not only are we giving students who are home sick time to recover, when they come back Friday they don't have to worry about so much makeup work,” Martin explains. “But we are also protecting those who are not ill by not exposing them to germs."

He says there haven't been any talks yet about makeup days. Martin says he will keep an eye on attendance at other schools to make sure nothing is spreading.

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