WINSTON-SALEM - CYCLEBAR, an indoor cycling studio, opened Monday in Winston-Salem. It is just one of many businesses to come to Winston-Salem since 2000.

"We’ve seen just under $2 billion, and a lot of that has been in the Wake Forest Innovation Quarter, but a lot of it also has been in the core of downtown," said Jason Theil from the Downtown Winston-Salem Partnership.

Theil said for a while the growth stemmed from new housing developments. "People are moving downtown in larger numbers than we have ever seen before."

However, now developers are adding amenities to retain residents including the new CycleBar on West Fourth Street.  

CycleBar owner Dixon Dougla said the studio offers a unique experience for people looking to get in shape.

"When you come in, we already know that you're coming into the class so we have your shoes ready for your cubby that's associated with the bike number and you get your own personal locker,” said Douglas.

Douglas said while the CycleBar is the only studio of its kind in Winston, boutique fitness is not unique to the area. Over the last 12 months there's been an upward trend of similar centers opening across the country.

"The studies do say that members still have big box gym memberships but when it comes to cardio or specialized working they love boutique fitness," said Douglas.  

Douglas said not only does Winston-Salem's CycleBar offer a way to get fit, it also offers organizations a way to give back.

"Esentially what we do is we let those different foundations set the price point for the seats and all proceeds end up going to their charity."

For more on classes and memberships visit here.