HIGH POINT, N.C. -- Flooding at Cloisters & Firefox Apartments in High Point during heavy rain is causing an ongoing dispute between renters and their property management company.

Neighbors say, even if it rains for just an hour, they have to move their cars to avoid water rising as high as their tires.

When residents have asked the complex's property management company for help, they've been told it is up to the city of High Point to fix it.

However, Tyler Berrier, High Point’s public services manager, says, "Since this issue is on the apartment complex's private parking lot, and it's not on a city street. The property management group would need to have some involvement there and fix those issues for them."

Renters say the company added that a section of their lease explains that the complex is not liable for any damage that happens to vehicles in the parking lot.

Stacey Ragin, a renter who lost her car in flooding last May, said, "We don't know what else to do and where to go at this point because everybody's pointing the fingers back at the other, and something needs to be done. It's frustrating and we're tired of it."

We reached out to the property management company for comment, and they declined.