ARCHDALE - The small Randolph County city of Archdale could soon see some big changes.

"What we want to do is reconfigure Main Street and the I-85 interchange," said NCDOT district engineer Matthew Kitchen.

Kitchen said the proposeed plan is part of NCDOT’s five year State Transportation Improvement Program.

"Hopefully this will help better manage the growing traffic as well as accommodate future traffic," said Kitchen.  

Kitchen said, ultimately, the DOT would like to see a diverging diamond across the interstate as well as increased access along main street.

"This  will help flow traffic on and off interchange a lot more freely and a lot more efficiently,” said Kitchen.  

Infrastructure engineers say the project is necessary.

"The traffic is growing and increasing significantly,” said Kitchen. “We are carrying probably close to 24,000 vehicles a day across Main Street."

From start to finish the project's price tag sits at $29.5-million.

"We are trying to provide some sidewalk and some pedestrian improvements on both sides and also across the interchange to get motorists and pedestrians across safely."

Kitchen said DOT wants to hear from residents.

"There might be some things that we saw that we don't quiet know from a local level and they can provide us with some information  and we can take that back before."

 Construction should start in 2021.