MEBANE -- Anti-LGBT posters have been found at Eastern Alamance High School. One of the posters, that we've received a picture of, says “Supporting LGBT ‘rights’ is supporting sin. Remember what happened to Sodom and Gomorrah, This is the price for sin.” It also lists “Genesis chapter 19,” referencing the Bible.

Samuel Deal's daughter is a freshman at the school. he says flyers like this were just one of several scattered around the school.

"I think that the school administration should probably address the student body as a whole,” said Deal.

Jeremy Clevenger, a student at Eastern tells us he went and told the sophomore principal about his issues and concerns with the flyers being up. He said the principal told him that it was freedom of speech.

The student then says, "I didn't know I could go home, type up my religious or political opinion and then tape them up on school property without school permission."

"I would think that posting an inflammatory picture or saying like that, that has the potential to hurt others should not be acceptable,” said Deal.

In a statement, the school district says who ever posted the flyers did not follow school procedures and says in part, "A piece of this nature would not have been granted permission if presented."

In the picture we have, you can see someone holding up the flyer. Students tell me that person was the one who put the rest up.

"There hasn't been any announcements made nor has there been any opportunity for parents to voice their concerns about it,” said Deal.

He now believes the school needs to hold everyone accountable, before school is let out.


Here's the full statement from the school system: 

“A few flyers were apparently posted at some point over the long weekend at Eastern Alamance High School (which has an open format campus with multiple separate buildings). The protocol for posting any items on campus requires that the requestor first present the item to school administration for approval before permission is granted or denied. A piece of this nature would not have been granted permission if presented. Permission was neither sought, nor given,for these items to be posted. The flyers were removed before school began on Tuesday morning after it came to the attention of school administrators and they are investigating to determine the origin.”